Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The future

There are occasions when I do have to stop and wonder where human kind will ever stop.  I just purchased a new 3D printer for our school - very exciting to think our students will be able to print off what they design and create.  I was quite happily thinking we are doing a justice for our children - we are keeping up with technology in our little country school.  I still believe we are but then I struck this video while scrolling through my facebook news feed - this is amazing!

When you see things like this - it does make you stop and wonder though... where will it stop?  10 years ago IPads did not even exist, now almost everyone has a tablet of some description.  Our lives just keep changing exponentially and sometimes you just have to stop and wonder with complete and utter awe about what the future could possibly hold.

My guess is;  whatever these children of today want it to become!

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