Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Forgetting about what matters most

I am so pleased I have come to ULearn this year.  2 years of isolated principalship in the Hawkes Bay saw me become less passionate about the things that matter!
I used to be a cutting edge practitioner with forward thinking ideas that I was never scared to put forward and steadfastly stuck by...
Almost 3 years on from that teacher,  I forgot how important I believe the new era of teaching is, I became too willing to accept alternative points of view that were very different from my own.

Our children need to collaborate, to share, to discuss...

I used some excellent tools today at the conference and will be reporting back more this term on how my trial of these in the classroom environment and with staff is progressing.

My goals after just the first day of the conference:

1.  Use todaysmeet.com during both teaching and staff meeting sessions for group recording of ideas
2.  Get the students involved in KidsedchatNZ on Twitter
3.  Begin to get the staff and students into google docs, google apps and hapara ASAP!
4.  Get the kids blogging - not just me!

There are more and I am sure there will be more to follow!


Yes, the cats strike again! 

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